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Sam Fletcher

The comment feeds over on Breitbart's page were terrifying. It's stormfront.org-levels of naked racism and delusion. Where are the decent peoples' voices in our country?

Laurie Essig

Yeah, it's kinda scary over there- when they reprinted my stuff on the ACORN scandal they created, I and some of the people I work for ended up with all sorts of threats- including shooting me first after their revolution.


I have survived two bomb threats [including one from Canada (????)], threats sent to my office in DC against the President (Clinton) and lotsa bad press. Loudmouths are frequently too liquored up to remember whom they threatened the night before in my humble opinion. That is of course before US Congress members reminded them daily and stoked their ignorant anger. Things are worse now, no doubt.
Yet again your precise and talented use of my native language impresses me. This first paragraph is the best short description of a rather simple big lie that I have read. Analysts tend to make it more complicated than it really was: simply somtimes to prove their punditry.
It is indeed shameful to have an administration that fires a woman with an exemplar message of tolerance, cooperation and constructive community spirit, for sure. They (the administration) are starting to look like unreconstructed amd raw PTSD survivors, jumping out of their skins at the slightest of provocations. It is no longer excusable or acceptable. How can the Office of the President of the US be scared of lying-sack-of- poop politicians and jerks? How did we get here?


I wouldn't bet on this Administration or the DNC using this incident as a rallying cry. They have repeatedly missed opportunities to do the right thing--sorry; "missed" sounds like it's inadvertent, and I really believe it's calculated. Check out Frank Rich's editorial in the Times today. I think his analysis is right on the money.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/opinion/25rich.html?ref=opinion

Laurie Essig

You made me blush. Thank you.

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