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Rini Hara

It's not that we can ever expect that we will be blind to physical appearance. It's that you have to have some restraint, perspective and maturity. It's not worth spending too much of your life perfecting your physical appearance and cosmetic surgery has the best results for people with significant cosmetic defects or a sign of aging that is obvious, easily fixable and out of sync with the rest of the body. It's all about marketing yet another product. These kids are obviously too young to make these decisions, even at 18. Where are they getting the money? And are they actually trying to look younger? What does Ambah want to look like? ...A fetus???

Laurie Essig

I think it's about erasing the signs of adulthood for a lot of teens- an "adult" nose instead of a small childish one; perky pubescent boobs instead of an adult woman's; a tighter vagina instead of one that has given birth, etc.

They get the money where 85% of Americans get the money for cosmetic procedures: credit. Usually fairly high interest- nearly 30%. One of the biggest financial backers of cosmetic surgery credit is GE - with Creditcare.


Dear Laurie,
If your book on plastic surgery hasn't been sent to press yet, stop the presses!!! Please consider a chapter on Cosmetic Acupuncture (or have you done that already?)! This modality is becoming increasingly popular and--while not intended as a substitute for surgery--is based on the notion of "healthy aging" rather than the increasingly obsolete and disappointingly unattainable "anti-aging."

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