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Take heart, Laurie. As a conservative, I am prepared to vote for anybody thas the courage of their convictions, regardless of where they fall on the ideological continuum. That's is why I like Joe Sestak way more than Arlen Specter. Career machine politicians must be tossed out. That is a good thing. The traditional political process of republicandemocrat discourse has been purchased by banks and corporations. You may find this hard to accept, but most thoughtful conservatives and liberals both eschew corporatism. The idea that Obama is not a corporatist is pure denial. He cannot be what liberals want believe in him, just because he was your candidate and he won.


I'd like to think that the time is coming soon when America finally wakes up from the culture war. Both sides of the political spectrum is angry but they still aren't sure what they should be angry at. Conservatives complain about "big government" and liberals rail against "the corporations" but sooner or later people are going to start figuring out that its the same thing.

A big intrusive government goes hand in hand with a Wall Street on steroids. You can't have one without the other. Once politically aware people on both sides of the spectrum get that, maybe the people can finally take their country back.

Laurie Essig


jake brodsky

The problem is the soundbite.

It is the PowerPoint of speech. It is oversimplified twaddle that doesn't serve anyone well; not the left, nor the right. There is little nuance. It is all high profile confrontational Television news that is running the show.

Politicians such as Arlen Specter have built a career out of soundbites. He is hardly the only one. Pull Joe Biden in to more prominence and guess what: he doesn't sound too bright either.

In the days when newspapers roamed the earth, people didn't go by sound bites. They took the time to actually read what the reporter had found. Then Radio and later TV came along, and the news bits got shorter and shorter with less and less useful information.

Now, newspapers are falling on the floor, but oddly enough, the Internet is replacing them and it's even more timely and open than newspapers ever were.

Thus, our dissatisfaction with the horrible status quo. It's the result of too much sound bite candy. We're sick of it.

It's time for some real food. Welcome back to the future.


Move On said: "Democrats who side with corporate interests to block President Obama’s agenda will suffer for it at the ballot box."

What an interesting comment. If it's true, then President Obama will be a one-term president, because no one has sided with corporate interests more than President Obama. No one has blocked Candidate Obama's agenda more than President Obama.


Certaintly, the redifining of class interests as lifestyle choices is an interesting point. Like so much in today's political climate, there is not a bit of truth to back up what many people believe.

Take the neocon movement for example. One of their pillars is the defense of marraige, yet divorce rates are higher in red states than in blue states. Kind of funny.

Then take the taxation issue. Tea parties are far more active in red states. The decry the tax and spend philosophy of the federal government. But then look at what states get vs. what they pay. If you are in California, New York, Illinois, etc., you get far less back from the federal government than you pay in taxes. If you are in Alabama, Mississippi, etc. you get far more federal money than you pay in. It is quite interesting that the people that hate federal spending take the most of it.

But, of course, such logic cannot be spoken to people who are so absolutely sure that their beloved America is now under attack by a Kenyan Muslim terrorist who is seeking to enlist the aid of liberal communists to completely destroy their way of life.

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