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We have to keep our priorities straight. During the recession: "From 2008 to 2009, cosmetic surgeries dropped 18% for women, but only 3% for men. And non-surgical cosmetic procedures (like Botox and laser skin treatment), were flat for women but increased 11% for men." http://familyinequality.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/cosmetic-surgery-cutbacks-for-women/

Also ironic -- for those depressed over their inability to afford surgery -- anti-depressants may also impede people's ability to react emotionally, like tearing at the movies (according to what a doctor told a "friend").

jake brodsky

There are two types of this surgery to consider: One is to repair damage from genetic defects or serious injury. The other is to sooth someone's ego.

The big growth in plastic surgery is mostly due to the former, but paid for by the latter.

Such is life...


@ jake
"The big growth in plastic surgery is mostly due to the former, but paid for by the latter."
I think you jest. Few insurance policies (and even fewer in the future) will pay for cosmetic surgery, and they have quite draconian definitions of what is "cosmetic". You can't have an obviously swollen cyst removed from your face until it has ruptured and spread beneath the surface leaving permanent pock marks. Alhtough if you stick a needle in the cyst then go to the surgeon, your insurance "will pay" because it is draining.

Some instances of cosmetic surgery are hard to classify, but most clearly belong in one category or the other. In any case, I can't think of any sense in which the serious cosmetic procedures "pay" for the ones dictated by vanity. No way, and I am an expert. Plastic surgeons ask for high out of pocket charges, collect in advance and have to pay very high malpractice premiums.


The number of doctors in Iraq, once quite high because of the educational system that Hussein kept in place, dropped severely during the American invasion and occupation. Mostly, perhaps because like millions of other mobile (rich) Iraqis, they migrated out of country, but also because so many doctors have been killed by Americans (and Brits, etc). I am surprised that the plastic surgeons remain, at all.

Katelyn Betterton

It's happening, right? Plastic surgery is getting more advanced and helpful to people. It is because of the people who keep on believing in it. It was really helpful back in the World War ages, and it's nice to know that it still practiced today! People will keep on having different reasons to patronize the services, because everything's changing year by year.

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