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Your link to the surrogacy story is possibly the creepiest thing I've ever read. While this article chose to focus on a couple who couldn't conceive even through the wonders of modern fertility treatments, what's to stop some spoiled rich bitch from the Upper East Side to rent a womb to keep her trophy wife figure? And who's to say it isn't already happening? To me this is just another indication that some people have way too much money and are completely out of touch with reality.

Laurie Essig

Yeah, and I actually seen the rent a womb business here in the poor rural area of VT where I teach. In the future, I think surrogacy- like C-sections now- will be something privileged women do to avoid the "inconvenience" and loss of productivity of birth.


It's "The Handmaid's Tale" come to life. Sadly, Margaret Atwood was positively prescient.

Misty L. Bastian

Thanks so much for your blog, which Cecile Zorach just told me about. You are doing FM proud. As I teach a seminar on the body, I will also be sharing your work with our current students. And maybe you could come down to Lancaster, PA after American Plastic comes out?


Wait wait wait. Liz Taylor just got married also, for the eighth time. No one is making jokes about her (or is that different from Joan Rivers?).

Rapid serial monogamy (aka promiscuity) is part of the male mystique, in part from socialization I think, but also (an maybe harder to countervale) because men's libido is constantly- other- directed, whether by instinct, hormones or bad parenting (that last one is a joke).

If I had to look inside myself to say why, I would opt for something like "god made me that way". Sad, isn't it?

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