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Pr. Essig,

This is not anything new. In 1977 I was in Paris and I saw lots of young folks walking around with shirts that said "UCLA". My first thought was "Wow, there are a lot of Bruins in Paris this year" but it turned out they were not only all French but none had even been to California, much less attended UCLA (I was not certain that all of them even realized that UCLA was an acronym for a university). I was wearing a Los Angeles City College shirt one day when an American approached me, wondering if I was really a student there. He was wondering if LACC was now some Paris fashion trend (not likely). Quite some time later, as a grad student at UCLA, I noted that tour buses routinely stopped at next to the Student Union and great hordes of tourists came to shop there and take pictures. UCLA was no different to them from Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Welcome to the club.


Funny stuff, I will pass this along to my co-worker who is also an FM graduate. Funnier yet would be another friend's grandfather (who bled FM) seeing a whole website for the clothing brand.

Can't imagine what some of the money-machine universities would do if this happened to them.

Not sure what would produce a funnier face— explaining that FM is a real college to the Brits or how to properly pronounce Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Scott Ackerman

I lived in Stockholm for years and remember seeing not only FM clothing but all sorts of 'vintage' college clothing-some not so obscure. I once heard a woman ask her friend, 'Where did you get that 'ukla' shirt?" 'Ukla' being the pronunciation of UCLA.


This reminds me of how I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, wondering why it was that he didn't have a particular religious belief system, a religious brand, if you will. His slightly irritated response: Oh, Bob, what I try to do is breath and let go.


That link isn't to the FM homepage; it's to their e-store on Asos.com. I found the FM homepage, and yes, they are very white. No rugby guys, though. It makes me kind of wonder why hipsters refuse to lift weights.

A friend of mine, a former high school football player of Scottish descent, moved to Portland a few years ago and has gone completely hipster. He sent out a wedding invitation in the form of a DVD with a five minute comical short of him coming up with ways to pop the question to his girlfriend. The last time I saw him, he looked like Henry Rollins. Now he has Rachel Maddow's longer haircut and glasses and looks like he's been eating soup for three years.

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