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I would love to see "butch" ice skating. I would also like to see flamboyant football players on the field playing with a bejeweled football.

Seriously, I agree. It is ice skating - what do people expect to see? A 220 pound lumberjack ( male or female) adorned in a contrasting red/black flannel ensemble nailing the triple axle? There are just some things people have come to expect (and don't) with their sports. It is expected because it is how the athletes have presented themselves in their given sport.


Butch ice skating? I can remember two movies about ice skating one involved a tough ice hockey guy who gets into the sport and falls in love, the other was a Will Farrell farce with two guys not gay but there is that crotch shot.

Why are gays in the news? Maybe because it is a distraction, a misdirection to satisfy middle America culture war while the fat cats keep the government at bay.

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