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Justin St. Giles Payne

Well done. O'Keefe's attack on ACORN was really an act of racist political violence, one in which the media was sadly complicit.

The funniest part was the media wondering how they got "scooped". It's a scoop when a journalist beats the others to a story that was already there. It's not a scoop when the "journalist" is actually the one inventing the story. If a reporter holds up a gas station, records it, and then "reports" on it, it's not a scoop - he's created the story, himself.


The response of a 10 year old, excuse of "they did it too" does not excuse the corruption of ACORN. Hey, I'm for going after these other companies as well, but two wrongs do not make a right. Same answer I'd give to a 10 year old.

The biggest losers are those that legitimately and truly helped out others following rules and good moral judgment, but management did not appear to have any incentive to control the fraud or immoral activities. It's a lesson that those who do good should be immediately calling out those that do not.

In the end, this is just a misdirection move. They're just taking down the "ACORN" signs and putting up the "COI" or "ACE" signs. No one is actually leaving. And no lessons learned either. You can run but you cannot hide.

Alex Carroll

It is a really sad thing to have happened. I personally witnessed the good that ACORN has done. I spent some time down in New Orleans gutting houses with them. Words cannot express my disappointment with what has happened.

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