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"Married people are considered more mature, more ethical, and more deserving of state rights and privileges. Married people are also much, much whiter and much, much wealthier than unmarried people."

Here, here. Really great analysis. Don't even get me started on privileges associated with being married and with children. It's like a license to dominate public space. Usually with loud arguments over whether Mommy brought the right sponge bob dvd for the player in the SUV for the ten-minute trip to whole foods.


Married couples arguing online? Oh the horror! Never mind the donkey sex, child porn or mind numbing third rail BS! I know I will spend a good portion of my day worrying about couples arguing on facebook.

Laurie Essig

Yes, the "worry" about FB seems misplaced in the NY Times piece- I mean- don't we also hear this obnoxious public fighting in restaurants or even movie theaters? The worst couple argument I ever heard was walking behind two people on 7th Ave in Park Slope- He had an affair with the nanny- worst part was, they were my neighbors and I had to see them everyday after that for years.


I just had the pleasure of hearing a public phone call involving a poor lost soul desperately trying to keep from being evicted from her apartment. Of course the fact that she admitted she had just gotten out of bed at 10:30 in the morning didn't help her case I'm guessing. Just more people, Laurie, airing their depression and anxiety on any venue that is handy. Desperate for someone to listen or care about their problems. I prefer tuning out and listening to birds sing, but that's just me.

jake brodsky

Here comes the conjunction of the planets: I agree wholeheartedly with you Ms. Essig.

Missing here is any sense of what marriage is about. Young couples think of romance, sex, the excitement of starting a family --they never think of how they'll handle disagreements, sickness, depression, debt or any of the common afflictions that so often plague marriages.

Add to that a steady stream of media (print, radio, and so on) that doesn't deal with this either, and... it all comes out on Facebook.

Judge my spouse. Ugh.

That said, people do need a cross check to know whether their problems are so deep that they're irredeemable. In the days of our parents, and grandparents it was the hairdresser or the bartender. Today, this need is just as strong as it ever was. But in our faceless society sometimes it's easier to reach out on the Internet.

I wonder if there is a money making opportunity for someone to become an internet psychiatrist? :-)

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