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The catholic church has lost its moral underpinnings with scandals in nearly every country...even the pope's brother has admitted slapping around children in Germany's abuse scandal. And in the aftermath of child abuse here in America, the church has decided to steer right and join the moral majority and split their own congregations by supporting right wing abortion tactics, condemning choice politicians while ignoring politicians who support the death penalty, another church cause.

Now they are after gays because they want to attach pedophilia to gays. regardless of the facts that child lovers are straight.

I was raised and schooled (till they threw me out) and found much of their discipline seeped in ridicule and cruelty. I tried to be a good catholic but not one who took lightly to being bullied and humiliated. Nothing they do surprises me any longer.

Patti Hartigan

Laurie, I know your post asks a different question, but I am just, to use my six year old's favorite word, flabbergasted by this story. So if children conceived in "sin," as defined by the church, cannot attend their schools, does that mean kids born to rape victims cannot attend? I could go on and on, but you said it best. Joseph wasn't Jesus' father, and Jesus befriended all kinds. What happened to the Christ in Christianity?

Isn't this a civil rights violation? Where is the ACLU on this?

Anyway, as to your other question about why people would want to belong to an institution that denies their very identity: I think it's a matter of faith, which is something I don't question. It's not something I share, but I have seen many people struggle over that particular church after the sex abuse scandals, and there is something that goes deeper than disgust with abhorrent acts like hurting children. Check out Andrew Sullivan, who is publicly wrestling with this question. It's much deeper than politics for some, and I don't envy people who feel spiritually attached to an institution while disapproving of its policies. I don't understand it, but I try not to judge.

Thanks for pointing out this outrageous story.


People of all orientations find themselves engaged with the very institutions that vilified them in futile hopes of recapitulating the experience with a transformative and hence "liberating" themselves. The irony is just more obvious with gay people trying to face down Christoid religion. Practicing heteros engaged in the same psychic drama do not as clearly illustrate the authoritarianism that drive these institutions. People should only attempt to humanize these institutions if in doing so they can humanize themselves. That was the message that Jesus offered when taking on the Pharisees, whose sort of doubled-speaking hypocrisy is amply displayed by Archbishop Chaput, above.


"What the hell are you doing trying to be part of organizations that hate you?"

First, people are not only their sexual orientation; as you know, each of us is much more complex than that. Besides, organizations founded on the premise of an ideal attracts by that ideal, not necessarily by what some % of membership might believe.

Second, you might have asked that same question of Rev Martin Luther King Jr and his followers, or Ghandi and his. And what do you think either might have answered?

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