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James Kimbell

If you're a nationalist, you're probably a conservative who thinks that these women have the individual liberty to choose abortion or not (even if you think it's murder.) And that kinda ruins the idea that genocide has been forced upon them as a group.

Michael Peck

It was actually Stalin who signed a pact with Hitler, though Poland did join Adolph in carving up Czechoslovakia in 1938. Anyway, Fascism was anti-birth control (at least for German and Italian fetuses) because lots of babies were needed to grow up into healthy young soldiers for the Glorious War for the Fatherland. I wonder if Poland's current anti-abortion campaign is genuine nationalism, or Catholic prejudice masquerading as nationalism. Ortega sounds just like another opportunistic politician.


Hi Micheal

I think you're spot on with your comments.


Amazing post, beside the fact that I had to look up the word miscegenation. :)I find your analysis of anti abortion laws in contrast of child labor laws most intriguing.

In a class I once had, I had to do a report on a politican from West Virginia that campaigned across the state giving speeches with a fetus in a jar. I thought that was absurd before I traveled.

I will never forget entering a restaurant in Vienna. There were people standing on either side of the door with giant posters containing pictures of aborted fetuses.

Do you think that a country can gain an added level of nationalism in the political debate by allowing the more graphic images of abortion? Do you feel that abortion necessarily becomes a debate within nationalist political philosophy? Do you think that more moderate movements should advocate for "womens rights"

Laurie Essig

Interesting questions Craig. I particularly like your idea that there is a direct relationship between nationalist rhetoric and the graphic images of aborted fetuses. It would be interesting to look at how the anti-choice side uses these images and why the pro-choice side doesn't - because they could show images of dead or bleeding women after botched illegal abortions- or women dying of cancer because they can't get treatment so the fetus is protected- or whatever. But they don't. What is the relationship between nationalist rhetoric and the violent images? Interesting...

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