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Why doesn't the press ruthlessly attack michelle and her family like they do the Palins?

Is michelle a saint, or just a democrat?


I have mixed feelings as I watch this highly-educated, highly-intelligent, powerful woman, an obvious soulmate to our President, accept a role as something of a New Age (Black) Betty Crocker to the nation. And I'm sorry to report that I can't help but see a bit of Aunt Jemima in this--unfair as that might be. Yes, a minefield.
First, thank goodness Barack didn't give her a job, say, like reforming health care. Hilary's, do I dare say, "uppity," foray there set the cause back a couple of decades. Not that it should have, just that it did.
Second, the fact that obesity affects Afro- and Mexican-Americans more than Anglo-Americans means that her efforts in this field are more socially just and necessary, I think we agree.
Third, obesity is a really important issue, and one that lends itself to a softer approach, feminized or not, as at it's core she's taking on our whole society and such industrial powers as junk food, fast food, car-based culture, TV, etc. Or, one would hope, alas, she will be taking them on, "radicalizing" the issue in those terms, if not in ethnic terms.
Still, her husband has an, er, full plate politically, and we might, arguably, be lucky to just get a climate bill at the cost of new nukes and offshore drilling, much less to get a radicalized, well, anything.

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