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jake brodsky

The first step to getting your argument taken seriously is to use names precisely and stop referring to broad generalizations that merely indicate you disagree with them.

We name even the monsters of history by the names they called themselves. Adolph Hitler is still called Adolph Hitler, not some cutesy or insulting substitute. If his deeds are terrible, George W. Bush's name alone will suffice to convey the evil you seem to feel he has perpetrated.

So, what evils has he committed? Arrogance? Stupidity? If that were a criteria for evil, we might as well vilify every president in US history. The no-fly list? Well, that might be an interesting case; but you fail to state exactly what we might do differently.

If you wish to be taken seriously Ms. Essig and perhaps win others to your way of thinking, you need to write more precisely. What you wrote here doesn't convey much except a vague feeling that President Obama wasn't everything you had hoped for.

Laurie Essig

Actually Mr Brodksy- the point was that Cheney and Bush were not held responsible for what were in fact evil acts- creating a war out of lies, torture, disregard for the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions and that because the Obama administration never swept the monsters away it means that they are still- in many ways- in charge. As for the evil that is Palin- a very likely presidential candidate in the next election- denying global warming to justify that greed that is big oil (that is her purpose) will kill more people than most dictators manage. You may not see the connections between these things- but the connection for me is there was never a clean break- and so all the "hope" that Obama might actually hold war criminals accountable for war crimes, reinstate freedom of dissent (yes, is is extremely IMPORTANT when critics of the US are denied visas), etc. is just that- a tacky license plate a world away.

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