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Laurie, those bonuses were announced weeks ago. It's only now, after Blankfein, Dimon, and the other banksters testified at the hearing this week (and everyone saw in clear daylight how unrepentant--no, correction, ENTITLED--they sounded that Obama stepped up? Thank heaven for Phil Angelides who reminded Blankfein that the analogy to a hurricane was incorrect. Just like the "security theater" happening at the airports now in the wake of the would-be underwear bomber, I think all this blustering about banks paying back the money to the taxpayers is "financial reform theater". He can tax these bonuses all he wants, but unless the financial industry is fundamentally regulated and the Treasury and Federal Reserve aren't packed with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup alums, we still have a problem.


That pretty much says it. I'm confused ... half hopeful, half "you call this healthcare reform??"

Maybe all the crazy, military-industrial-complex-as-usual stuff is just some sort of brilliant bluff, and he'll whisk a white sheet off of some kind of crazy idealistic thing that all of this will have been leading up to? You know, the wars and the ... no, OK, I guess not. Never mind.


It is difficult to pin down someone of significant intellect and maturity, especially after the simplistic monolithic personas of most politicians, isn't it. Such qualities are among those that attract and interest me in my personal life, as well as keep me humble. So, I've tried to put aside the list of tasks I expected a Democratic president to do, and now merely watch and hope that wisdom is another of his many positive attributes.

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