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Caitlin Kelly

Sounds like a great book....but are you opposed to marriage? To the fetishization of marriage? To...?

Spending a ton of stolen cash on a silly fantasy is stupid and criminal. But how do you, does one, dislodge oneself, as a woman, from the larger wish/fantasy of being the centerpiece, if even for a day -- which is sadly what weddings also seem to be about and driven by.

Laurie Essig

Oh just the usual critique of marriage: it is a site of special rights and privileges that we should all have regardless of how we organize our intimate and familial lives. And these rights and privileges shore up the privileging of normative class, race, gender, and sexuality. And that's marriage- which is different from a wedding. I'm not opposed at an individual level to any of it, but I am interested at a cultural, social and economic level in what power lies behind such long term contractual relations as marriage and shorter term rituals like weddings. As for falling in love, I am for it- just not necessarily as the basis for privilege, but rather pleasure.

Marthas Vineyard Weddings

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