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Caitlin Kelly

But this shows a touching faith in the media's willingness or ability to really handle or address such international complexity. Not likely.

Scott Bowen

Without yet having read the BBC "debate" article -- I'm going there next -- I have to wonder aloud who said "Yes" to executions? How do you validate that side of the so-called debate? "I'm pro-Uganda and I vote!"?
"Hands off Uganda!"?


Or Obama's nagging question: "Is it in our national interests to pursue a war in Afghanistan?"

Laurie Essig

Sadly I believe a lot of people did vote "yes" to executions of homosexuals. But I was thinking maybe we could have a similar debate on T/S. Should heterosexuals be executed? It might be interesting?


I can't help but recall uber-christian, singer Anita Bryant's campaign against homosexuality back in the 70s. (remember Paper Roses? Me neither).. She once stated that she was afraid of being murdered by an enraged homosexual. Gore Vidal quipped something like: "An enraged homosexual? More likely an enraged music lover."
BTW, her fundamentalist marriage, career and lucrative deal as spokesperson for Florida orange juice soon collapsed. Allah ho Akbar.

Reuben Moore

I think it is interesting to ask how one comes to view such a "debate" as legitimate? In a society where it is impolitic to criticize other cultures and customs, we end up with such inane questions. But the "homosexual execution" question is too easily dismissed as nonsensical. Let's ask a more relevant question: Are some cultures and customs superior to others? And are we allowed to say so?

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