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WOW! Ms. Essig, I am amazed that we actually AGREE!!!! Thank you. .."and acting like Emperor of the World, Obama is now officially worse than Bush." Our apologist president is finally telling the world that the US is a "light shining on the hill...(or something like that that Reagan said...knew that would get to you), instead of the source of all evil in the world...Thank you again!



The Nobel Peace prize ain't worth a bucket of warm spit when you are laying in the freezing sands of Afghanistan dying with your intestines splattered all over the landscape...


All I can say is:


Matthew Newton

I'm glad you posted this piece Laurie. I heard this quote: “The goal is to advance American interests, make ourselves a continuing force for good in the world — something that we have been for decades now” while driving in the car this morning and couldn't get over how it reminded me of Bush at the peak of his delusional behavior. I've reserved my judgement on Obama given that he inherited a shitstorm from Bush Co. But last week, with the announcement of 30,000 more troops heading to Afghanistan, Obama has now personalized the shitstorm as his own. What a fucking mess.


"Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize" -- headline on Yahoo News.

He's an intelligent educated guy. He must know that little else could be more ridiculous. So what am I missing?


First we had Ronald Reagan telling us that greed was charity and now we have Obama telling us, alas, that war is peace. Chomsky's New Military Humanist come to fruition. We did this same shit 90 years ago in WWI, a "just war" followed by an oppressive peace ruled by allied marionettes.
Contrast Obama's bullshit with what Woodrow Wilson, a wartime president accepting the award while in the White House, said precisely 89 years earlier, http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1919/wilson-acceptance.html. He essentially *did* say that he didn't deserve it.


It's beyond satire. Are we sure Joseph Heller didn't dream this up?

Rick Parris

i can't agree with the premise that america has been a force for evil in the world. perhaps there have been misadventures and missteps, but america has been attempting to "make ourselves a force for good in the world." different parties have differing ideas of what constitutes "good," but it's hard to put forth the assertion that america has been attempting to be a force for evil. it would be difficult to tell that to the heroes of WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Gulf War I, Gulf War II. difficult and inaccurate.

america may be the home to some greedy corporations and individuals who don't represent us terribly well, but america is, and has been, working for the good.

to think otherwise is simply willful blindness,


You can't equate the good intentions of our volunteer servicemen and women with what passes for diplomacy and statehood in our current and former administrations. When America actually leads instead of greasing the wheels of special interests, I'm happy to jump back on the Obama train. Meantime, he's got a lot of 'splainin' to do.

Ethan Porter

Did you actually read or listen to the speech? You write: "All of this would be depressing, but not necessarily gag-inducing if Obama had gone to Oslo and said “I don’t deserve this.”
Obama said, at the very beginning of his speech:
"...my accomplishments are slight. And then there are the men and women around the world who have been jailed and beaten in the pursuit of justice; those who toil in humanitarian organizations to relieve suffering; the unrecognized millions whose quiet acts of courage and compassion inspire even the most hardened of cynics. I cannot argue with those who find these men and women — some known, some obscure to all but those they help — to be far more deserving of this honor than I."
When criticizing the president, you ought to at least read what he says.


Screw the speech. I wish there were a valid position from which to say that you are being hyperbolic or inflammatory Laurie; but in all reality, you are simply reacting how any rational human being should (as am i) after being thoroughly conned by empty campaign promises (for Chrissakes you think we would have learned that pols lie out their ass to get elected - i like you somehow thought it would be different with Obama.)

What did the broken record repeat for 18+ months? Change? Change what? Did he mean change the tennis court into a basketball court? Well, that is one change that actually occured - like i give a shit. Did he mean to put an end to the corporate monopoly on the congressional lobby? That's the change i believe in! ...and he did orate beautifully about doing that during the campaign... has that changed, at all? Not. One. Fraggin. Iota.

What about all those great progressive minds whose words he used to woo us and put stars in our eyes? The Austan Goolsbees and Paul Volckers? Where the hell are they now? In a position to do anything to keep the next economic meltdown from happening in 2-10 years? Fuck no. They are, as the Taibbi put it in his latest piece, 'Shipped off to Siberia'. Oh yeah, he doesn't need those populists anymore, the people have already voted! Not like we can doing anything more at this point!

Yeah i see why you say he's worse the Bush Laurie... Bush was so *obviously* an idiot douchebag tool to be used to give the keys to the city to the military industrial complex, the bankers, etc... The legacy of Obama will be much more disgusting. WE THE PEOPLE were all at our wits end and we all had one fragment of hope (for change we can believe in!) left. If we were even remotely on a course to that end i would be thrilled... alas.

In actuality, I've had a steady nauseated feeling in the pit of my stomach for at least 6 months now as far as our president is concerned; but yes, this latest statement certainly calls for another DRY HEAVE.

Rick Parris

the obama train doesn't actually require your support to continue to find practical, workable solutions to the countries problems. he is doing exactly what he said during the campaign. he is not doing exactly what the "progressives" wished he would do. that's okay. the center recognizes his sanity and will keep him in office.

find another train. nader is always looking for folks like you.


I wish I could find another train. Unfortunately, those trains are either getting caught with their pants down or unelectable, like Nader. Sadly, my options are limited and I guess I just put too much faith in empty phrases like "change".

Rick Parris

you can't turn an ocean liner 90° in one jerk. if you did, half your passengers would fall overboard on either the right or the left. you turn a big ship gently, in 2° turns.

obama gets this. most progressives don't. sadly.



Dennis Novak

First Yasser Arafat then Al Gore. Does Obama's Peace Prize really surprise anyone?


Listen to a speech written by 35 government speech writers?

He does deserve it....obama and algore are in the same league....maybe they can go on tour together and have people pay to look at their peace prizes...two rock stars on tour


Other than changing the tennis court to the basketball court, it's the only promise he kept. Somehow, breaking all his problems to liberals and keeping all his promises to the warmongering right wing isn't change I can believe in.

Liz Cook

Sounds like you need to get a stronger stomach. If you can't swallow his speech I'd be curious to hear your thought on our film, "Peace One Day."


I could really give a rats ass for what the Nobel people do with their prize and money but Obama's actions of late raise lots of alarms.

His Justice department is trying to roll back the clock on the Geneva Convention and supporting the idea of Gitmo, picking up people without warrants etc. They are defending the Bush's unconstitutional and logically flawed rational that created Gitmo and its detainees. He is doing nothing to review the Patriot Act, an act that allows police to sneak and peek into anyone's home or business without any notification. This bit of unconstitutional nonsense. Of the 763 requests for sneak and peek only 3 were related to terrorism.

On the domestic side the banks and wall street have not been curtailed, reform is toothless and weak, oversight slight, and now we learn that subprime nonsense is still happening and rating firms are back to being paid by the banks to rate their crap and accounting is so complicated and convoluted and indecipherable as to be referenced as Enron-like which makes oversight impossible. The Fed chairman and the fed itself is again acting like a fiefdom and refusing to disclose to congress how taxpayer money is being spent or for that matter where it has gone. The arrogance is beyond understanding considering the failures of the very near past. Job numbers are being played, the foreclosure plan fell short.

So it appears that we are actually getting another year of Bush policies in both foreign affairs and domestically. I am a die hard democrat, a liberal or progressive as it is called now and Obama is threading dangerous ground. The office is more than a platform for speeches, it executes and regulates the law. We need to get back to the law and regulate and oversee threats to the nation within our borders. Right now I would not vote for him again.

Laurie Essig

Actually I DID read the speech and although it was all pretty and everything, the main thrust was that this war in Afghanistan is a "just war" and will "bring peace" (oops, there goes my gag reflex again).

Laurie Essig

I'll check it out- and you're right- I need a much stronger stomach.

Ethan Porter

OK--that doesn't change the fact that you leveled a claim that was patently false. But more importantly: do you not think there's such a thing as "just war?" Or do you believe that there is, but that Afghanistan can't be classified as such?

Rick Parris

... and opening dialogue with iran, and making health care his first legislative priority, and pushing for progress on climate change, and improving america's image around the world, and...

well i think the point makes itself. to claim that he's broken every promise made to progressives is distortion. he hasn't turned the world upside down in favor of progressive causes, no. but he's working toward their ends. if you're not content with that then you've probably got unreasonable expectations.

Laurie Essig

Which claim was patently false? The quote I gave from the NYTimes is also in the text of his speech (and I actually first listened to the speech and the line struck me upon hearing it).

I am not going to answer the "come up with a war that's just"- a question asked EVERY time I write a piece critical of these wars. The point is he justified Bush's foreign policy- which can only be accurately described as Military Empire- and he did it at a time when he also supported the Bush Doctrine with his actions.

Obama's acceptance of the peace prize required a delicate hand- justifying US actions in the world as "good" for decades was the hammer fist of a Neocon.

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