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First, I agree with the Bush Doctrine in the same way I agree with coronary bypasses for those who continuously eat the Standard American Diet.
A google search of "osama bin laden's demands" yields the UK's Guardian publishing of his letter, below. Drats, NYT scooped again. If only the US had taken bin Laden's concerns seriously before 9/11.
But, here's my question, Laurie: If you go to the negotiation table after being attacked, aren't you rewarding and thereby encouraging more of it? Of course, the best way to have dealt with 9/11 would have been to prevent it by following a just foreign policy (see bin Laden's letter below), but once 9/11 happened what would have been an appropriate response?



The Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes against any nation harboring terrorists has already proven to be a failure. For all the money we have spent we have merely increased unrest in the Middle East and provided an excuse to moderate Muslims in sympathizing with the more extreme fundamentalists in their respective countries.

Troop increases in Afghanistan will further entrench the US in what has become a quagmire in the area. I do not believe that we are winning the hearts and minds of the Afghani people, if anything we are making the situation worse.

It is hard for me to believe that a 6'4" terrorist that requires medical attention for a kidney problem has been this difficult to apprehend. This is not about Osama Bin Laden, it is about geo-political strategizing in an area adjacent to deposits of coal, natural gas and oil such as Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.


So WHY ARE WE THERE? Is it oil again? Are our children dying over there because of oil, again? Why are we there? How will we know that we've "won"? I wish someone would ask a question as simple as that and then actually get a clear straightforward even-I-can-understand answer!

Joe Ermigiotti

Great piece. As far as I can tell, the mainstream media is virtually indistinguishable from the political system. Its function is less about finding the truth than validating the underlying assumptions of the establishment.

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