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AND.... 1.5 billion dollars for Pakistan

Every Democrat voted for the bill except 3.

Included in the bill:

* A 2% pay raise for federal employees (1 of every 5 federal employees earns more than $100,000 per year)

* $648.5 million funding for “international family planning” an increase of $103 million over Fiscal Year 2009.
* $55 million for The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (colluded with China to force abortions and sterilizations)

* Gives the D.C. local government federal funds to pay for elective abortions in D.C.
* 1.5 billion dollars for Pakistan


But but but... the military-petroleum complex is the only sector of the US economy that's healthy!

What would happen if we ended our adventures in Iraq and AfPak? Stopped using up, wearing out, and replacing military materiel? Reduced the total number of US forces (that's not gonna bring down unemployment!)? Stopped spending billions of dollars for fuel (per aircraft carrier per tour) so that they can float around and look menancing?

I'm not sure the US economy could take the jolt of our spending less on military goodies. That's not cynicism. It's a real concern.


Regardless of where Americans lie on the political spectrum, I think it's safe to say our priorities are simply f**ked up. I can't remember which op-ed I read recently that characterized the U.S. as "the police force for the world". My reaction was, Really? Who appointed us to this exalted position and does the rest of the world even appreciate this role? What arrogance to think this is our job alone. Thomas Friedman said it best (and I'm paraphrasing): when the middle east governments gets serious about dealing with its terrorist regimes and the petro nations that fund them, then the U.S. should help facilitate the discussions. But until then, we need to do our nation-building at home.

Honestly, everyone knows this Afghanistan/Iraqi war Emperor has no clothes, yet we seem powerless as a citizenry to say so.


See, here's a perfect example of Obama's statement "I give nicer stuff than I get." He gives Afghans a war of liberation but all he gets is criticism.


More and more Dickensian ...

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