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Brian In NYC

Rachel did an outstanding job interviewing that asshole last night!

Laurie Essig

Amen Brian. Amen. She was calm and to the point and he looked like the bad person he is.

Brian In NYC

Just looked, it's up on youtube;


Brian In NYC

Frankly I thought he looked insane!


I feel so sorry for that Cohen character. It must take a Mt. Everest of self-loathing to make a life's work out of denying who you are on a fundamental level.

Laurie, you say the guy was 'super straight'; but i'm sorry, he was setting off my gaydar over thousands of miles of fiberoptic cable. He's married with children? Puhlease - i really feel sorry for them...

Mom once shared a piece of wisdom that has always stayed with me, "heaven and hell are things that only exist right. Here. On. Earth."

I'd reckon that Mr. Cohen already resides in his own version of the latter.

Brian In NYC

I think you're time would be better spent not feeling sorry for someone who is most likely the cause of pain in the lives of some many others. Not to mention how often people like him are used to rationalize both violence and hate. There is nothing sympathetic about the man, any suffering he's experienced is well deserved and probably falls far short!


Rachel was great last night...and that Dockers Ad is atrocious!


Lisa Takeuchi Cullen

Dockers pants as a symbol of lost manhood? Who knew?


didn't say i was losing sleep... and i'm doing perfectly fine managing my own time, thank you.


The many horrors of Business Casual, and the challenge of wearing dockers without looking like a compete dork.
Show me an office where people can wear jeans to work, and I'll show you an office where people really get stuff done.


Once upon a time Americans invented tough pants called Levi and khakis for their hard jobs, made by hard working American men and women from cloth woven in the south. Today real men who don't have real manly jobs wear crappy cheap jeans and khakis to look studly made by women and children in sweat shops in China, the same place we buy those plastic forks. I think real American Men have better things to worry about than this idiotic and clueless ad.

Laurie Essig

Okay- seriously- go watch this Docker's ad- it's so much worse than I thought:



I do not wear jeans, they are made of thick, heavy, uncomfortable material. The "jeans are comfortable" meme is fascinating as it is 100% false, yet virtually every clique and niche of pop culture believe it to be true. Sure, they look casual, but they are not the standard bearer of egalitarian comfort. I typically wear black, grey or navy blue dress pants to work.

As for the message to straight men and heroes and masculinity, the sad truth is agreeable men do not get laid. Doesn't Tiger Woods wear khakis?

Brian In NYC

I've never let a man's pants come between me and what I want!


Who the hell, wtf, are you serious, who are these people? The biggest laugh is at the end when they show some wimpy guy in wimpy pants, hello how about showing some roughnecks in the texas oil fields who wear cartharts the ad...see if they would be caught dead in these pants...so if I wear fucking dockers I'm a man? We're losing our juice? I swear to God after seeing this I will never be seen in dockers, not that ever would anywhere but just for laughs I'll kick in Levis as well.

Brian In NYC

men in Carharts, nice, real nice!



Wear what you will, but I'll stand by my statement, "where people CAN wear jeans". I'm not referencing the fabric so much as the emphasis on personal productivity over the dress code. I find that Denim does poorly in cold and damp conditions, but does well in environments with sharp edges. To each his /her own, but make the choice available.

Philip Primeau

No, "disco" isn't codeword for gay, and certainly not black. (Black culture is stereotypically super-macho, especially in the eyes of middle class white dudes who sport Dockers.) It's just that disco, with its Dionysian flamboyance, lacks a certain . . . gravitas. It actually has some strong heterosexual connotations, but it's definitely a world apart from the cool stoicism associated with traditional masculinity. It's too 'pagan' (in the Paglian sense), too Greek, not Teutonic enough.

And, come on, this sort of run-of-the-mill breadwinner masculinity doesn't create unrealistic expectations for men. Superhuman? Hardly. All it asks is a return to a culture wherein men cultivate their brawn for the sake of "gentle" causes -- like helping old ladies, doing fix-it jobs, walloping spoiled brats, etc.

You're reading way too much into this, Laurie. As, uh, "academics" (how can you call yourself that without snickering?) are wont to do.

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