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Megan Cottrell

Discrimination? Are you kidding me?

Go feed some hungry people, dudes. Stop worrying about what your license plate looks like.

The rest of us thought special license plates were cool when we were in the 7th grade. We got over it by the time we were allowed to drive a car.


I have a personalized plate: Wiccan -- anyone who complains about my plate will get a poppet cursed in their honor.


The "Baptists" in question are Southern Baptists. Why is this important distinction never made? Secondly, we are not a secular state--our government is NEUTRAL on matters of religion. Neutral. Not secular, not sacred. Neither/nor. I realize that "secular" is commonly misused to mean neither/nor, but what's common isn't necessarily correct.

The license plate issue is hardly a major one, and future historians will likely wonder at the petty idiocy of the popular response of our time to every real or perceived state/church conflict. The Gulf Coast burns, and we fret over a freaking church on a state-issued license plate. If that's all the hell we have to worry about, state/church separation is in no danger of disappearing, despite any and all hysterical assertions to the contrary.


You should rejoice that anyone would actually care....

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