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Linda Todd Murphy

Wow zowie, I think you might be on to something. Want to see updates on this.

Megan Cottrell

$50,000? Think of how much food for a food pantry that could buy. How much rent that could pay for homeless families for a year.

If you don't like homosexual marriage, and want people to marry the opposite sex, then why not invest in marriage counseling programs? In mental health programs? In HIV and AIDS prevention programs? In poverty programs or financial literacy? Pretty much anything you can do to help families is going to help marriages.

I hate it when the church is against something rather than for something. Church is supposed to be about love and kindness. Do something positive instead of just hating people. Ridiculous!


Jesus would have fought the Nazis in WWII: http://www.badkarmaproductions.com/jc/?p=52

Laurie Essig

Not only is Jesus a ninja in this cartoon, but he's super Aryan looking too. It's a win win situation.

Scott Bowen

I always loved Lewis Black's comment that if the President had said he spoke to Jesus Christ through a hair dryer, we'd have a national crisis on our hands, so how is it o.k. if you remove the hair dryer?


Wow, Laurie! You will have single-handedly solved the national deficit problem if the church gets caught at this and loses its non-profit status.
In general terms, I agree that Separation is as much meant to protect the church from the state as the state from the church.
Nonetheless, the huge failure of progressivism since Jimmy Carter's debacle of a decent Christian presidency has been that the we made the tactical error of fighting religious fundamentalism with secular humanism rather than to fight it with religious humanism such as the Rev. Bill Moyers manifests.
Obama, probably prompted by Howard Dean, was smart to make Christian (religious) values a major centerpiece of his campaign. We should be very supportive of Christians who are trying to reclaim the true message of Jesus: have the courage to risk anything in order to experience love.


OK, I need some clarification here. Are you referring here to the Roman Catholic church where people go to pray and be told what to do or the Roman Catholic church the mega-corporation? We know we allow corporate money into elections so I think the US branches get a pass. A similar duality might exist for the Vatican (sovereign country and multi-national corp) but I'm less clear on that. I do remember that the Pope used to tell JFK how to govern.

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