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Megan Cottrell

I agree. There's lots about Gossip Girl that's morally reprehensible, and a threesome is not at the top of the list. I've never seen the show either, but every time I see a commercial for it, there seems to be some high school aged girl or guy doing all kids of things my mother would have killed me for. I think the worst part of this show is that young people are looking up to these characters as some kind of rich role models - as if the goal of life was to have so much money it doesn't matter what you do or who you do - because you can afford it.

Jeff McMahon

You go, Laurie. A worthy rant.

Megan: "as if the goal of life was to have so much money it doesn’t matter what you do or who you do – because you can afford it." This is a great point, and I wonder if that might actually be a goal, if not *the* goal, of modern American capitalist life. Sometimes the stuff we stare at on the tube, even when it seems appalling, can be a frank reflection. Especially when the show is a commercial success.

Megan Cottrell

I agree. It seems like that is the point of life lately, or at least, what we're told the point of life is. No one's happy with what they have. Everyone wants more. But why? What more do we actually need? It seems like heresy to ask that question sometimes.


I agree with you Megan, No one in this world is happy with what they have.


Wilhelm Reich long-ago recognized that the suppression of children's sexuality was a/the key means of maintaining the authoritarian state. Perhaps the main update some 70 years down the pike is that *the expression* of children's sexuality is equally useful in maintaining the consumerist/totalitarian state. In either event, orgiastic impotence is the outcome that the power elite exploit, yielding either a hunger for authority or a hunger for excess in order to fill the psychic void. A "surrendered" (Gr:agape) orgasm is probably the most revolutionary act there is.
Laurie, you're at your most piquant when you flirt with a parallel Puritanism the way you do here. When did you first know that you'd grow up to be a moralist? I just love your thinking.

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