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Rachel King

Couldn't competition for Barbie signify more growth and competition in that market? Capitalism can't thrive with monopolies, so maybe its a good thing for America that Barbie has some rivals.

Laurie Essig

I don't know about "ideal capitalism"- the sort one reads about in intro econ courses- where lots of little business owners compete so the consumer get's the "best price possible"- but the way actual global capitalism works is a bit different. Capital concentrates- into huge multinationals that are now so big that they control states (which used to have some small distance from monied interests). I think "competition will equal the best Barbie ever" is probably not what the future holds. But perhaps Barbie and the American Empire will survive... for now.

Caitlin Kelly

A Canadian-made doll is kicking Barbie's butt, eh?


Say what you will about Barbie, I'm still impressed and moved that Mattel has been so staunch in support of the obviously gay Ken doll. True, Ken uses Barbie as a beard (is it a coincidence that "Barbie" sounds so much like "barba," the Spanish word for "beard"?), but it's clear to any six-year-old that Barbie is far more in love with herself than she could ever be with Ken.

Laurie Essig

I know- it's bad enough my US dollar is losing to the Loonie, but now Barbie?

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