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Brian In NYC

Laurie my understanding that the problem is not with the intent of this law but how badly it was written.


What constitutes "badly" and how does that negate Ms. Essig's comparison or central question?


Excellent article Laurie.
Another take on freedom of speech and threatening power from Kurt Vonnegut:


"Free speech is speech that doesn't threaten power." I will use that with attribution. One example: When my daughter had an abusive teacher my complaints to the school board were hushed tighter than the hatch on a submarine. It was like I'd fallen through a page in Kafka's Metamophosis. But when I lauded a school program to one school board member she IMMEDIATELY asked my permission to send out her own immaculate email lickedy split, heavy on the lick. Alas.
Lieberman is the biggest pimp ever to make it to the national stage.


Oh, Brian in NYC, so adorable. Your comments are always so enlightening. Also your sentence structure leaves very little to be desired. I swear to God I would give up my Internet for a fu%#@ng month if I was able to come back to True/Slant with no Brian. In case you read this big guy, you do not have to ALWAYS use the contributors first names in your comments, we arent fooled into thinking you actually KNOW any of them. Great article.

Brian In NYC

I'm moved to know you have been following me so closely!

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