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Brian In NYC

Laurie I have a lot of trouble why you and "queer kids" see it as an either/or situation. By your reasoning African Americans who fought for civil rights were someone attempting to diminish the rights of other minorities. Also in all candor I find something extremely self centered about your attitude, I don't care about same sex marriage so how dare you care about it. You're not fighting for "what's really important". And frankly as a "gay elder" I don't really need to be told by anyone of any age that's it's up to them to decide for me what I should be fighting for or not. For the life of me I can't think of anyone involved in the fight for marriage equality pushing the idea that marriage is the gold standard and that all other forms of family are some how less than. It strikes me that the only one around here who's trying to diminish other people's chosen goals is you.

Laurie Essig

Arguing that some families deserve full rights because they're married IS an either/or game. Either ALL families deserve rights OR all married families deserve rights. You either leave a system of marital privilege in place and try to open it up to a few more people or you ask why civil rights are ever based on marital status when the MAJORITY of Americans are not married. Either/or. You either eat the wedding cake or not. You just can't have this cake and eat it too.

Brian In NYC

I see your point, but I think you miss the point of the marriage equity movement. Your point might be valid if for example polygamy were legal in the US. But as it stands marriage is defined as being between two adults of different gender. The movement is a push to remove the discrimination that exists against same-sex couples. If you want to further redefine what makes up "family rights" that's all well and good, but for the life of me I don't know why you are so intent on belittling the desires and efforts of others. There is a petulant quality about his thread, "we don't have what we want so fuck you for wanting what you want".

And what's up with the following?

"Not only that, but she was unclear whether the people pushing the marriage agenda cared about larger, more important issues like health care or ending the wars."

Who the hell is this person to be deciding other people's agenda is legit or not?

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