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The defense of marriage act is unconstitutional, there is nothing in the constitution about marriage. I doubt it falls under interstate commerce. Marriage is a religious and state matter and occasional ship captain except in New York. The constitution does have a full faith and credit provision which requires that a debt occurred in one state can be collected in another and all licenses from one state are respected in another. The stupid defense of marriage kind of said...well never mind that...here's some fine print. If we really want to defend marriage we should ban divorce.

Laurie Essig

But if we banned divorce, would anyone ever get married?

Brian In NYC

"All of which leaves us with the question: why is the US government in the marriage business at all and is there any chance it will ever get out of it?"

Since it's highly unlikely that we will follow the European model of splitting the religious from the legal in terms of marriage aren't we really getting side tracked from the issue at hand, equality under the law. Come on the right is foaming at the mouth as it is, imagine what would happen if they suddenly found out the preacher who tells them the world is 6,000 old couldn't legally marry them. Not pretty!

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