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Brian In NYC

Equality under the law is the homosexual agenda, divorce just happens to be one aspect of that.


The courts are in the same position as someone asked the question, "Have you stopped beating your spouse?"

Sara Libby

I agree w/Brian in NYC. Any two people should be allowed to get married, and a natural extension of that (unfortunately) is that they should also be allowed to get divorced. If this ends up being a back-door route to expanding marriage equality (unlikely in Texas), then I'm all for it!

Steve Weinberg

Quite a different take on writing about the law than my T/S blog, "In Justice." An excellent blend of reporting, irony and satire, Laurie. Well done.


If Nixon were alive today, he'd be talking about how homos make great spies, because they're rampant in the intellectual community and their closeted youth taught them the tools of duplicity.

Don't believe me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_z8DjpOo4Y

Laurie Essig

Ah gee. You're embarrassing me. But thanks.


Jack, Don't you miss practical Republicanism? At least Nixon would entertain the question of whether it was in the national interest before intervening in private lives or sovereign nations. Tsk.

Brian In NYC

"Practical Republicanism?" What would that be, harnessing southern white racism to win elections? Or do you mean postponing the end of a war to win re-election?




It just occurred to me that overturning the Texas judge's decision would accidentally be pro-sodomy in the case of gay couple in question.

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