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One important aspect you've left out here is the ever increasing numbers of falsely accused and wrongly convicted 'sex offenders'.

The laws that were changed to make it easier to convict the guilty make it easier to convict the innocent.

For the first time in the history of mankind it has been decreed that Children Don't Lie. Although it has been shown time and time again with the sacrifice of innocent lives that they can and do, when you enter a court of law as the accused you can rest assured - the little Virgin isn't lying. It. Grew. Back.

Yes. It grew back the previous other times she accused, as well, but that is Rape Shield information and inadmissable. Medical Confidentiality laws bar any other medical facts that support 'reasonable doubt'(my son's accuser had a highly contagious bacterial infection at the time she accused. Inadmissable. She'd accused twice before, and had been in group sex abuse therapy since age 4. Inadmissable as well. "He MUST have done it! How ELSE could she know such things?"

My son passed polygraph after polygraph with high truthful scores saying he didn't do it. He was jailed for being 'in denial'.

In American we now require forced confessions to avoid imprisonment. If you are accused you did it, and you must confess or face 'general population' in prison.

He failed the forced confession polygraphs with strong 'deception' scores and was placed on an ankle monitor for 'not cooperating'.

Being innocent is not an option.

His accuser and family fled the state to avoid testifying - refusing to return.

In America we no longer recognize the right to face one's accuser. It may 'retraumatize the victim' to do so.

It very likely DOES re-traumatize true victims to recount their abuse, and could DEFINATELY
"traumatize" those who have to look into the face of the person they are lying about if they are not believed.

"Sexual abuse investigator Tom Plach opines that it is "extremely rare for someone to deliberately coach a child into reporting a false allegation." This remark counters the evidence of increased false allegations amid rancorous divorce proceedings." (Investigating Allegations of Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse: An Overview for Professionals
By Tom Plach. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas Publisher, 2008. 180 pp. $29.95.
Reviewed by Emilie A. Becker, MD )

In America we only recognize false accusation in association with divorce or child custody - family feuds, or neighbor lady quarrels don't enter into it -- for now.

My son was placed on a sex offender registry at the age of 16. When his cousin wasn't allowed to attend a party she claimed he raped her every day for two weeks. No 'evidence' could save him. Her word alone has placed him on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

If this can happen to my son it can happen to anyone's son - or husband, teacher, or neighbor. Coach or babysitter.

As I said before --the laws that convict the guilty convict the innocent. There is no way to tell the difference.


Ms. Essig,

I have linked to your commentary.


As someone who has a loved one effected by these laws, I have blogged the inadequacies of the sex offender laws for several years. It was just a matter of time before someone like Jaycee--already victimized via a kidnapping--became even more so by a system of laws created by politicians too worried by the effect on their own careers to take a second look and streamline the laws they themselves created.

I invite you to visit my blog, Smashed Frog. Take particular review of the post, "Chris Matthews Sucks". As long misinformation continues to be cited by those who hold the bully pulpit, our children become less and less safe.

Links to research disputing Mr. Matthews is available through SF.

Thanks for connecting the dots.

Sunny/Smashed Frog


thank you, thank you , thank you for writing this article. long story short, my loved one had concensual intercourse with a 13 y/o while they were both high when he was 18/19. after 4 years in prison, he has never touched illegal substances since and 10 years since his initial arrest, we've been together for 5 years, with a child of our own now. but he's still being haunted. can't find a decent place for our family to rent. once the background check is done thats it. i moved a state over for work, but now i have to move back, because now he's not allowed to even step foot over the border. and now hes getting a bracelet slapped on his ankle. 29 years old, no threat whatsoever (which isn't just coming from me, he was required to speak with a psychologist in order to be with our daughter who said the same) it feels like he's just being made an example of, the government is wasting their frigging money on the little piggy when the f'in big bad wolf is lurking around the corner. it makes me sooo mad that the friggin sheriff "didn't even know the guy was an offender". and he's housing this poor girl for EIGHTEEN YEARS. i think it's time this law got a much much much needed make over.


Had Garrido served his full sentence, Jaycee would of never been put in harms way of this predator. Here is a great blog you ought to read:


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