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Great graphics, I can see right into your dreams!

But I haven't eaten breakfast yet and suddenly I'm feeling sickened by the thought of Cheney/Palin 2012.

Scott Bowen

Cheney WAS President for 7.5 years. W just aped the role. The VP was calling the toughest shots.

Remember back in 2000 when Cheney was hired to conduct W's VP search? Who did he find? Himself. The merde was already starting to fly and we hadn't even tried to vote yet.

Laurie Essig

Actually, Scott, I've been trying to completely repress the Cheney years. But as with all repressed desires, he keeps returning to haunt me/us.


Laurie, I love it !!



You are much too gentle. Moreover, i believe if Dick were described your dream sequence he would probably get more turned on than scared.

In my dream, that spawn of satan would be gathered with all the execs from haliburton, blackwater, lockheed - basically all responsible industrial military complex big wigs - in the center of a crowd of all the Iraqi parents and children who have lost loved ones due to their machines of death (and we know that would be a very large, city sized crowd) and let them answer for what they have done.

I admit to only feeling an infinitesimal residue of guilt for the sadistic pleasure i take in that dream sequence.

Scott Bowen

I think DC will haunt us for many years a'la Henry K.

Any recollection of the ex-gov from Alaska is what I'd much rather repress. Can you please start sticking pins in that action figure of yours?

Laurie Essig

I took the head off of my Sarah Palin action figure and pointed her gun at the other one. Not exactly pin sticking, but I think negative mojo is going her way. That's probably why Levi's turned on her.


Perhaps you should spend less time fantasizing about torturing people, and more time cleaning up the garbage you leave around your home. Man, this is a deranged article. The "Yeah! Get Em!" attitude of the commenters is nearly as disturbing as your article. I'd ask you to consider how you might respond to reading a similar article written from the opposite perspective - perhaps lynching the president, but I don't think it would give you pause.

This is the third article of yours I have read. I think my very first comment to you was more perceptive than I knew at the time. I said that you look crazy. It was mean, I meant it, but it was mean. I see a tortured soul in your pic. I was abused my entire childhood, and I see in your profile picture the anger, terror, and fear that I used to feel.

Laurie, please go talk to someone. Politics aside. My chance of convincing you that libertarianism is wonderful is roughly on par with the likelihood that I will build a rocket to Mars, but I do care about people and I think you need to talk to a mental health professional.

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