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Ms. Essig,

There are so many things wrong with this story one hardly knows where to start. Working backwards, is it me or does this woman, after 51 operations, looks no more like Nefertiti than say Fran Drechser does? Now of course we do not know what she looked like 51 operations ago so maybe she looked like Cleopatra then and that was the problem. However she did do the right thing, seeing a psychologist, but I guess that did not do it for her. I suppose it is no different from people who spend 150,000 USD to risk the lives climbing Mt. Everest or buy cars that can go 150 mph. There are just some people with more money than sense.


I agree, David. She actually looks more like this - http://www.otherplane.com/et/etgif/ALIEN.gif

Scott Bowen

I didn't know Nefertiti had an upside-down cross tattoo. I expected an ankh.

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