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I too know racists, some, who are family members are not shy about their attitudes and fortunately they are not powerful but more in the mode of tea baggers, loud and irrational.

Then there are those I know who are rich and powerful and hold regular salons with right minded thinkers to share ideas and not one would consider themselves racist yet consider opposition to Obama based on Muslim connections or sympathy. I can't stand him is phrased I can't stand to look at him.

What bothers me about the town halls and gun slingers and the myths and lies is the press, owned by rich white guys favors drama over truth, giving seriously flawed personalities air time to spout absolute off topic nonsense about government taking guns away and commie/nazi plots to take over the country. Great footage over the general welfare of the country. Should we fear an Oklahoma bombing whenever a Democrat is in office?

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at this reaction to our first Black president however it is a shame on all of us to allow health care of our citizens to be sacrificed on the altar of ignorance. Nor should we allow the republican party to get away with again fanning intolerance to achieve a political goal.


The GOP has smelled blood and the sharks are circling for the kill. As senator Jim Demint said, if we can stop Obama on healthcare we will break him.You have exposed one of the dirty little secrets of the GOP. None of the people with money and power are going to be seen in public being racist, but they will gladly fund anyone willing to create chaos. We all knew they would try and block any healthcare reform with the usual socialism labels but they have also decided to throw out any lie they can think of and see if any news media "reporters" will run with it. We need Obama to be a leader and we all need to stand up for healthcare, even those who do not like Obama need to realize this is too important to ignore again.



This one is over the top. If you believe everything in this (I can only assume you do), the world must be an unpleasant place for you to dwell in. I feel sorry for you that you intentionally surround yourself with only likeminded folks. Diversity should extend to ideas, not merely skin color, at least that's what I think. Ideas are more important than where someone's family came from. I currently work with a self-described Marxist. We couldn't disagree more when it comes to politics, but we treat each other with respect, and I find the discussions much more interesting that if I agreed with everything he said.

I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Cincinnati. At the time in the 70s it was a highly segregated city, still is by most standards. I wasn't introduced to a black person until I was 16, although I saw them in nearby communities nearly daily. I now live in Hawaii in an extremely racially diverse neighborhood (whites are about 20%). My notions of people haven't changed a lick. I take people as they are, their ethnic make-up is merely one characteristic of them. I think most whites do. I know you disagree with this.

I've now lived in 13 states, and have lived in poor and rich neighborhoods. In Dallas, which I imagine you imagine as hell on earth, I attended an interracial wedding where most of the white attendees were committed lefty tree huggers. Lumping everyone together is counterproductive.

Do I know racist whites? Yup. I do. I also currently live next to a Hawaiian family who's brother hates whites on a level commensurate with the KKK. I am gay and have had that become an issue too. I've seen many sides of this issue. It comes down to having respect for people, taking them as they are, and trying to make the world a better place as you can. Forget the boogeyman....

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