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Brian In NYC

And suddenly the silence from the right side of the aisle is deafening! Big surprise!


You forgot one at the end there. Congress lies too.

Scott Bowen

I recommend Tim Weiner's grand but oh-so-scary "Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA." Its 601 paperback pages detail endlessly amazing incompetence and subversion. The CIA never fulfilled its original mission: to collect enough intelligence to predict and prevent a Soviet surprise nuclear attack. Instead, it did a lot of other stuff, much to the embarrassment of numerous Presidents.

Laurie Essig

Good point that the CIA has always been both dangerous and incompetent. I wonder if they have always so blatantly lied to the few Congress members they're supposed to tell the truth to?

Scott Bowen

Let's put it this way; The Agency told the truth to Intelligence Committee members when the truth was helpful. The merry version of this is "Charlie Wilson's War."


The author is discussing a specific allegation of lying to congress while under oath. What are your specific allegations of congressional lying to the public (or under oath) on matters of grave policy?

Laurie Essig

I don't suppose we could just shut them down? Oh no, because they're heroes. If we criticize them we'll be less popular than Cheney.


Gitmo should have never been leaked out to the public to begin with. It was a matter of national security. All this did was upset Al Q leaders and make more people hate americans.
Now that most have been released, we see stronger grow in unlikely places(North Africa and its surrounding areas). I felt alot safer with those people locked up.
The article was released by the Democratic Party. Damage control no doubt.

Scott Bowen

That, indeed, is the $64,000 question: Could the CIA be shut down? It might be nearly impossible. Kennedy wondered about doing so, coming into office, and really wanted to do so after the Bay of Pigs (Allen Dulles resigned). Eisenhower hated the sack of U2 sh*t the Agency handed him, but didn't disband it. Beyond that, I don't think anyone with sufficient power really pushed for it. Would it take an act of Congress? I'm sure the Joint Chiefs would just nuke it if they could.


Hmmmm....let me think, oh I know!! The last time a member of congress opened his or her mouth?? Does that count? Hahah...kidding. Just making a joke really. Don't all politicians lie at some point in their career?


Pelosi is no saint and Fox wasnt the only station who went after her. So if we say anything about Obama we are wrong.? He isnt god and the economy isnt being stimulated. Isn't it funny how the bulk of the money goes out in 2010 election time. Hold Obama accountable. When credibale journalist give him a pass the news simply isn't credible! All pres makes mistakes he has and will again! Hillary would never have gotten this pass. You all trust a man with no experience and one we no little about. Healthcare by Aug and no way to pay. He loves to sign bills thats all!


I am not saying the CIA is perfect but your disrespect kills me. The media is in bed with the pres and its disgusting.! Will you ever say bad no cant do that because he is so high up on your pedistal you cant! He is nothing but on a power trip and wants to takeover everything!The media have to be kind alot vested in him. How much damage has to be done before you speak up? When soldiers died under Bush everyday on TV to make him look bad. Afganastan soldiers being killed you guys wont report on we can make Obama look bad! As for stimulus Biden was in charge of it and he failed. States used it to balance budgets not creat jobs. You think turtle bridges and tattoo removal is stimulus to the economy ? Please Obama has no exper and it is showing everyday!

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