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I can't wait to see how the Department of Justice decides to handle all of this. I'm willing to bet that they do their best to avoid it. When will government finally do what's right??

Scott Bowen

Great headline, and correct. If we manage to get Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice in the dock, do we get Kissinger as a freebie?

Laurie Essig

Kissinger should be up there too- and not just for war crimes past, but his continued defense of war crimes present. But let's not forget George W. Bush. Surely he was not just the innocent victim of Cheney's machinations? A puppet with no idea what was going on? And even if he was, does he still deserve to pay for the crimes committed under his presidency?

Scott Bowen

W is definitely as guilty as the rest. He surely knew what was happening, even if he didn't have the imagination to come up with any of it himself. But I think Rice has been given too much of a pass, with the bulk of the ire going toward Cheney and Rumsfeld. She was Larry to their Mo and Curly.


This stuff isn't going away simply because we have a new administration. Check this out if you have a chance. Great read on how the Obama administration plans to continue unconstitutional detention for suspected terrorists.


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