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Katie Drummond

Montreal is indeed a great city. And I'm always wowed by the cultural diversity there, given that I spent my childhood in a much more Wonder Bread part of Canada.

I also spent four years in Kingston, so this story hit hard. Caitlin is right to point out that Canada certainly prides itself on non-melting pot culture. But what are the implications when groups with wildly different expectations and norms meet?

I have one close friend in Toronto who has been dating a Muslim woman for over a year, and she has yet to tell her parents for fear of being beaten and disowned. The story you share is an even more severe example.

Caitlin Kelly

Bienvenue a Montreal. Fun city, but wait 'til December!

This is not a new issue for Canada, which has seen many ethnic and racial fights brought inside its borders over the years, whether gangs or killings such as you describe. Canada prides itself, justifiably, on its acceptance of difference, as you will see the longer you live there. They do not have a "melting pot" where all are expected to blend, but a "cultural mosaic", where each contributes their own cultural identity to society at large.

But it can carry a price.


Laurie, not only do those who wear bikinis or hijab pay a price, but those who dress fairly butch, those who dress preppy, etc, all pay a price outside of their social culture. Men are allowed to dress how they want, more or less, because of "personal taste".

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