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Brian In NYC

As more info is coming out the reasons for Cheney's behavior since leaving office are becoming increasingly obvious, to save his own ass. I don't think it will be too much longer before the AI has to announce the creation of an independent prosecutors office. Good piece in Newsweek about the AI and what is going on:



Thanks for sharing that article. After reading it, I get the impression that they have really been dragging their feet on this issue. I don't understand why they are such pu$$ies about this. Just do the investigation and let the truth be told, or drop it and move on. It is so political! I also get the impression that Obama and Holder are doing a little dance where neither one wants to step on the others' toes. Out of all of the departments, the Justice Department should be the LEAST political. Many of us criticized the Bush administration for politicizing the Justice Department when he fired those prosecutors. This is essentially the same thing, only nobody has been fired yet.

I would love to see Holder break out of his shell and really let them have it. Show some integrity and do the right thing. Their job is to see to it that our legal system maintains its integrity and to assure us that justice will be served. This is a delicate issue, but Holder needs to go after this thing and show us that he is not just a puppet.


I just saw this report on my local news website. I simply don't understand how people can support guys like this. Makes me sick and it angers me. Of course, racism was involved and he did not get a fair trial.


Brian In NYC

briano I don't think integrity is the issue here where Holder is concerned. A tad too much "people pleasing" perhaps but not integrity.


Doesn't integrity involve doing your job to the best of your ability regardless of what others would have you do? Doing what's right based on principle and not based on politics?


Dislike abstract knowledge? Did you mean abstruse (such as long division). $600,000 divided by $15,000 is 40.

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