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I'm sorry, but find it interesting that you ask a question and then never address it, but instead misdirect other issues and place blame else where.

I will try to address my claims issue by issue.

According to his Wikipedia page, Reyes was Chief Patrol Agent of the El Paso Border Patrol when he started an aggressive strategy called “Operation Hold the Line” that forced immigrants to attempt to cross the border in isolated areas. One estimate is that about 3000 immigrants have perished trying to cross in these extremely desolate areas since the policy was passed.

—Really, Wikipedia as the source... ???
—Forced people to take a different path to breaking our laws and sovereignty... ???

So somebody wants to come into your house, but you locked the door, which FORCES them to try to break into your house by climbing in a 2 story window and they fall, it's your fault??? That's the logic problem right there. You believe they are entitled to your house and what's in it... Just say that.

We know your thoughts on the CIA and what they do because you told us—
I realize this is the agency that is famous for killing or attempting to kill popular leaders, putting dictators in their place, and generally spreading misery around the world. But it’s because the CIA has never really had to pay for its crimes that we have reached this point where they no longer have to take responsibility for the very acts of torture that they, NOT members of Congress, committed.

Well, there is a process that should prevent the CIA from such clandestine operations—CONGRESS!

Pelosi was one of them members who SAID NOTHING when informed about what the CIA was going to do. Why are you protecting Congress? Would you be doing the same for a Republican—Please...

Pelosi said NOTHING and has been telling the American people the opposite (this is called lying) for a long time. Seems like politics as usual and a culture of corruption if you ask me.

But you will try to continue to drive the conversation in a different direction, one of zero accountability and responsibility and laying the blame on someone else—nothing new here!

If you have a problem with the CIA and what they did you should certainly be consistent and have a problem with the people who stood by and said NOTHING.

It’s time to stop making excuses for people who are liars and will do anything for their agenda regardless how corrupt.

—iChef Politikos

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