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Susan Toepfer

By The People, do you mean disgruntled Hillary supporters?

Laurie Essig

I rather doubt Americans under 35 make up the bulk of Clinton supporters, but I'm no statistician. My guess is it's those who were expecting change who are also the most likely to be disappointed by the lack of it.

Susan Toepfer

You may be right--those under 35 might expect more in three months.

Brian In NYC

"Dems better stop acting like a Center Right party" Agree with your sentiment, but I do the Dems are keeping their powder dry to the real budget battles get underway, that is where the rubber will meet the pavement.


I can tell you why: actually I can show you why...

Go visit author Matt Taibbi column here on True/Slant.

Matt Taibbi is irascible and I know irascible. But it's an ignorant irascible.

It's not only him, but his loyal followers/commentators are also so very angry.

Nobody listens to what anybody with an opposing view is saying. They are still letting GWB drive the conversation and in their anger are so unwilling to get to the heart of the debate.

They just take anything that anyone says and then go off in the direction of hate they wanted to before they ask the question.

I was called a liar, racist, homophobe, evangelical extremist, and I'm not even sure what the basis was other than I tried to answer their questions and I'm a conservative.

To them conservative equals liar, racist, homophobe, evangelical extremist...

That becomes quite transparent very quickly and that is one reason for the slipping.

Well, that coupled with their view of what they want the USA to be all about which includes a more socialistic society that most of the country is not okay with.

—iChef Politikos


I don't think it is the case that the under 35 set expects more in three months. This group is savvy enough to see through double talk, has an elephantine memory thanks to electronic media, has a healthy distrust of official party lines, and was born in an age of constant rapid change and transformation, and simply does not see any reason why old power blocs cannot simply be bypassed or sidelined.

When you make a promise to this group, they are not of a mind to accept the give and take of the usual politics. They hold you to your word.

Nora Barry

Perhaps their collective expectations were too high--the fervor surrounding his election was not only unprecendented, it was a little scary.

So maybe the reality is now catching up with the hype...

Lorenzo Carcaterra

President Obama has done more work in three months than most Presidents get done in three years. He was elected to change our course and he's started to do that. He was not elected to start a revolution.
You don't end a war in a day or a week--not the wars we are currently in. I have no idea what taking money from banks and giving it to the people even means. And as far as the Bushies being punished--yes it would be great to see them get their due, but it is a divided country as is and that course would only divide us even more.
Let the man at least try to do the job we elected him to do. It took a long time to dig the hole we're in. It's going to take a while to fill it.


First, the nation is still a center-right nation. there hasnt been a drastic shift in ideology—regardless of how much the far left wants it to be so. So what's so wrong with governing from the center where the majority of voters exist.

Secondly, nowhere in the article does CNN claim that Obama’s declining approval rates are tied to his lack of reaching across the aisle. Article states Republicans aren’t doing enough to reach across the aisle and take advantage of America’s growing lack of confidence in the Obama Administration’s policies.

Laurie Essig

I think we should all read Naomi Klein's "Lexicon of Disappointment." I just did and what she is writing describes a lot of what's going on in these comments. The inability of progressive thinkers to be critical of bad policies and defend them no matter what is a bit like libertarians who defended the Bushies spying on American citizens and defining marriage and abortion and other supposedly personal decisions for us. I think many of us, myself included, are all suffering from what she calls a "Hopeover" and maybe it's time to sober up and start demanding that our government (Obama and the Congress) engage in the progressive political platform that brought it to power.



Thank you, Mr. Carcaterra. While I agree with you and I disagree with the writer of this piece, I also believe that the spectrum, from hope and satisfaction to bitter disappointment is necessary to move the President and the country forward, incrementally though it may sometimes be. So, I disagree with some of the decisions that President has made and write to him and to my congresspeople to voice my disagreement. But, at the same time (because it's okay to contain multitudes), I rejoice in that long list of good that he has done in this short, yes, 100 days.


He doesn't have time. His policies and his budget will quickly wreck our already foundering economy.

Holding the "Bushies accountable"...what does that mean? Hold them accountable for thwarting terrorist attacks by throwing some water in a terrorists face? Thank goodness you are a "journalist" and not involved in governing or defending our country.


Libertarians that defended Bushe's spying on Americans? Where exactly are they?

They're not over at Reason.com, nor are they in the Libertarian Party. Where are these Libertarian examples of pro-Bush-spying. Do tell.


One day American's will learn the most useful word in the dictionary. That one word is patience. Who could have pre-guessed Iran and North Korea's stupidity? Who could pre-guess Republican journalists trying to scupper the President even before he was sworn in. Why can't political parties be abolished until the U.S. is back out of the economic and political mess. We are as much at war as Britain was in WWII and the answer was a government of all the talents.

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