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Todd Essig

A truly horrific episode for our country. deserving of outrage. Maybe Leahy's truth commission will help, lets hope so. But I remain an enthralled Obamanite and believe he'll end up doing a good job with this.


Truth Commission? Didn't Stalin invent that and use it on journalists and others? One good thing about the unconscionable release of the CIA memos is that it has turned people like you against the Obama, so you and I can agree on something. I guess it is better to expose, humiliate, prosecute and jail the patriotic lawyers who wrote those memos in order to help their nation protect people like you than it is to put terrorist in boxes with insects or water board them. By all means, lets grant Constitutional rights to illegal enemy combatants; and lets indict, prosecute, and convict Americans in the press so their lives can be ruined without even the benefit of a trial. That is what you want, is it not?

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