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I keep waiting for the crushing karmic retribution that sends them spiraling down in flames. Forgetting the mantras and codified slogans we've lived by in times of prosperity, there's nothing amounting to greed being transferred to the customer themselves. Of course, this isn't the principle of capitalism, that of free market. Such silly notions as the constant adherence thereof is something that allows the corporate machines to bleed internally until the clots develop.

I hope and wish for superheroes and the tiny child stars with adorable little songs and dances. As it is though, I can only hope the old axiom is served. Hopefully they reap what they sow. Otherwise such karmic justice might seem wistful.


this blog thingamajig all looks all well and good, but how is this experience going to differ from what goes on when we commute together to/from work?

Laurie Essig

I like the image of karmic retribution and spiraling flames. Perhaps we can just start a bonfire underneath the windows of their corporate headquarters and encourage them to jump or give the money back?

Jon Pyle

I wish I can say that they'll get their payback, but I doubt it. The lesson: life is not usually fair.

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