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Yeah, in the day the government was worried some closeted patriot would be blackmailed into giving up the operating manual of IBM computers or worse uncover more queery government types. Never understood why they didn't nail the McCarthy gang.

These stories make me laugh because all of these politicians are being bitten in the ass by an animal of their own creation. The pedestal these people of both parties stand upon is quite narrow and shaky. It seems to me that these scandals are something out of the fifties when women were suffering under an economic form of blackmail. Once they started working and standing on their own divorces sky-rocked, now at what, 50%? Not that I am saying infidelity is the major cause of divorce but it is a factor. Human nature? People cheat both men and women. Had Stanford not placed himself as a moral scolder he could have revealed his marital problems, his separation and freed himself to scan eharmony or latinamericacupid.com in peace.

Laurie Essig

Yeah, it's an interesting fact that there were more homos kicked out of the federal government under McCarthy than Commies. Of course, nowadays we kick out the market-lovin' heteros too. I suppose it's progress????


All this talk of infidelity in politics makes me wonder, how would we deal with a single President, or even canidate? Would they be labeled "perpetual bachelor"? Would they be labeled "afraid of commitment"? Now let's assume they get elected. What if they got caught in a heterosexual relationship? What if they got caught in a homosexual relationship? It's interesting.

Scott Bowen

"There are well over 1000 rights and privileges granted just by the federal government because citizenship is increasingly based on marriage. And, according to Ingraham, the number of federal rights has actually gone up since the passage of DOMA."

So what they really defended marriage against is. . .being single?

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